Wednesday, January 2

Word Problems on Addition

Word problems in mathematics mean a text representation of a mathematical expression. Word problems make it easy for one to solve a problem. Words problems include all the four mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Let’s have a look at word problems on addition in this post.
Word problems on addition are nothing but a text representation of addition operation. For example: Maria bought nine bed rails from Bed Guard India
collection online. Shiva gave three Bed Guard India bed rails to Maria. How many number of bed rails is Maria left with? This problem is the word problem of addition operation (9+3=?)

Solving word problems on addition:

Solving word problems on addition include three steps. Firstly, identify the numbers to be added. Secondly, convert the word problem into a mathematical additional operation and finally add the numbers. For example: Patrick bought two Angry Bird toys from children online shopping store. Joe bought five Chota Bheem toys from the same children online shopping
store. He gave these five toys to Patrick. How many toys do Patrick has now? Identifying the numbers, Patrick bought 2 toys and Joe bought 5 toys. Converting the word problem into mathematical operation, (2+5); adding the numbers (2+5=7). Thus, the answer is 7 toys.

Examples of Word Problems on Addition

1. Mary has one baby bottle from Bottle Sterilizer India collection. Joe bought 2 baby bottles from Bottle Sterilizer India
from online store and Thomas bought 5 baby sterilizers from local store. Three of them gave these to Philip. How many baby bottles and sterilizer are there in total with Philip?Answer: 1 baby bottle + 2 baby bottles + 5 baby sterilizers
(1+2+5) = 8 baby products from Bottle Sterilizer India
collection.2. There are five play schools in the city. One play school is in the process of construction and Thomas is planning to complete 2 play schools in two different corners of the city by the end of next year. How many play schools will be there by the end of next year?
Answer: 5 play schools + 1 constructing play school + 2 planned play school
(5+1+2) = 8 play schools in the city by the end of next year.
These are examples of word problems on addition.

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