Tuesday, December 4

What is a Integer?

What is a Integer- Integers includes all whole numbers along with all negative numbers. That is all negative numbers and positive numbers along with zero are called integers. Definition of Integer says all positive and negative whole numbers are termed as integers. For example: - -3, 15, -8, 0, 78, 91 they all are integers. We can plot integers on the number line. Numbers towards right side on the number line are greater than number on its left. That is if we plot the number line with integers we see that all negative numbers lie on left side of number line and all positive lies on right hand side. They follow a trend of increasing towards right side. For example:- -3  falls on left side of 0 as -3 is smaller than zero, similarly 6 falls on right of 0 as 6 is greater than 0. Integer Definition says all the positive and negative whole numbers along with zero so the list of integers goes on.

To add, subtract, multiply and divide integers, we follow certain Integers Rules. For adding two integers, we should remember that on adding two negative integers, we get a negative integer and we get a positive integer if we add two positive integers. For example -3 + (-2) = -5 and 4 + 6 = 10. And if we are adding a positive and negative integer, we find their absolute values and then subtract the smaller number from the larger one and put the sign of the integer which has a larger absolute value. For example, if we have to add -3 and 5, then we find their absolute values which will be 3 and 5. We subtract 3 from 5 which gives 2 and then we add sign of 5 which is plus. Hence the solution will be +2.

Subtracting Integers– To subtract two integers, we need to change the sign of the integer to be subtracted that is if we have to subtract -3 from -5 then the equation becomes -5 + 3 because -3 was the integer to be subtracted. Now we can find their absolute values and can perform the action of addition. Subtracting two positive integers gives a positive integer. Subtracting two negative integers will give a negative integer. There are many Integer Word Problems that can be solved by using the integer rules of addition and subtraction.

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